Medium Voltage Cable

Are you looking for cables that can serve specific industrial power applications? With our online catalog of Medium Voltage Cable (MV cable) from world-class suppliers and manufacturers like Southwire, CME Wire and Cable, Prysmian Cables and Systems, General Cable, Omni Cable, and Houston Wire and Cable, we have a large enough selection to suit dozens of needs.

Our Medium Voltage Cable choices range from voltages of 2.4 kV up to 35 kV. You will find many solutions for applications that demand high power and performance capabilities, including design configurations such as Type MV-90 and Type MV-105 shielded with copper tape. Medium Voltage Cable is widely used in industrial applications like mills that produce paper and pulp materials, plants for petrochemicals, treatment of water and sewage, and stations that deal with generation of power.

Features of MV Cable from OneStopBuy
At the minimum, the construction of Medium Voltage Cable available from Omni Cable, Houston, Southwire, CME Wire and Cable, Prysmian Cables and Systems, and General Cable consists of a conductor made of copper metallic shielding, insulation, and a jacketing material. These products are well-suited for usage in both dry and wet locations per NEC installation guidelines. You will find them being employed in a variety of installations including direct burial, conduits, open trays, aerial, and underground ducting applications.


The inventory featured throughout our online catalog includes both single-conductor and multi-conductor configurations, as well as options for XLP or EPR insulation material and PVC or CPE jacket material. In terms of levels for insulation, there are options available for 100 percent (which is grounded) and 133 percent (also referred to as ungrounded). Other specialized products offered include self-supporting aerial cable, products with PVC jacketing that is low-friction and free of lead, and various options for MV cable in the way of splices and terminations.


Custom Specifications to Fit Your Needs
MV cable has long been utilized in a great deal of projects related to industrial, commercial and utility applications.  Since it is common for Medium Voltage Cable to be installed early on in these types of projects, such cables are able to be customized when ordered, even prior to the onset of installation. Upon request, for example, we are able to have cables cut to custom lengths based on customer needs. In addition, we can provide packing in boxes or on reels and offer dedicated technical assistance along the way in order to best serve your project needs.


We stock at least several dozen Medium Voltage Cable varieties from CME Wire and Cable, Prysmian Cables and Systems, General Cable, Southwire, Omni Cable, and Houston Wire and Cable, with access to technical spec sheets and instructions for installation. When browsing, you’ll see a number of choices available for purchase including EPR with PE jacketing, EPR with PVC jacketing, and XLP with or without PVC jacketing. We also offer standard MV cables rated for wet or dry use, as well as URD and FAA L824 Type C cables. These companies have Medium Voltage Cable carrying full neutral, concentric neutral with bare copper, and helically applied neutral with bare copper configurations.