Hook Up Wire

If you need Hook Up Wires for your application, OneStopBuy.com provides direct access to these and other high-quality product lines from manufacturers like Belden, Harbour Industries, Omni Cable, Advanced Digital, Southwire, and Coleman Cable. These types of cable are most popularly used in industrial settings that have need for internal and external wiring of machines, cabinet or panel controls, various appliances, and harnesses for wire.

Hook Up Wire is made with a wide array of insulation materials, including PVC, GreenChoice PPO, Neoprene, and Silicone Rubber, among others. Furthermore, a careful and thorough process for making copper rod material into strands of silver plated and tin plated copper wire helps ensure these cables are high in quality and able to meet numerous application demands every time. The manufacturers of the Hookup wire varieties we carry have built these with consistency of performance, safety, and reliability in mind. In addition, these products meet and often exceed agency and industry standards.

Aside from several types of UL Spec Hook Up Wire, we also carry MIL-SPEC hook up wire, NEMA, and SIS switchboard wire. And since we can ship stock from 11 different warehouses placed strategically throughout the U.S., we’re confident that you can find what you need in these categories either on our site or by contacting us directly.

Hook Up Wire Choices for Multiple Applications
While we offer numerous UL listed cables from Belden and Coleman Cable, we also sell MIL-SPEC wire of various types from companies like Omni, Aerospace and Houston. These are typically used in military harnessing operations. Because of their construction, these products also withstand exposure to higher temperatures and substances like oils, acids, and moisture in environments like power plants. Their tin and silver plated copper conductors are rated for temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius. Many jacket colors are available and can be twisted upon request.

NEMA Lead Wires
For areas that require appliances or equipment to be wired internally, we offer NEMA HP-3 lead wires that have non-flammable insulation capable of resisting soldering iron heat. They are also resistant to chemicals, even able to be submerged in gasoline.  Aside from this, such cables—because of their extruded PTFE insulation—are not vulnerable to other effects like corrosion, weathering, and ozone.

Switchboard Applications
We sell Switchboard Wire for use in control paneling systems and switch board wiring. These are also commonly used as motor leads and for appliances that need to be internally wired. As with other product types we offer, these are rated for 90 degrees Celsius at 600 volts. Features like a Stranded Tinned Copper conductor and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) VW-1 insulation make them resistant to moisture and fire. These are available in various colors that are able to be given striping or twisting configurations of your choosing.

Convenient and Hassle-Free Order Placement
If you choose to order your Hook Up Wire through OneStopBuy.com, one of our benefits is Free Shipping for items that are in stock at a warehouse and deliverable within the 48 Continental United States. Our product support specialists are also available Monday through Friday by phone, email, or live chat to answer your questions concerning the best wire types for particular applications.