High Temperature Wire

OneStopBuy.com carries multiple types of High Temperature Wires from Harbour, Radix, Southwire, Omni Cable, Coleman Cable, Belden, and others, including EPDM Lead, FEP Type K, MIL Spec, and SF-2. High temp wire is distinctive because of its rating for operation in temperatures at or higher than 150 degrees Celsius (302 Fahrenheit). We cover a comprehensive line of these type of products, ranging from wire with single conductor to that with multiple conductors. High Tempertaure Cables are intended for industrial and commercial markets with applications that include wired lighting fixtures, electrical equipment like heaters, appliances, and igniters, and motors requiring lead wire. A standard of 600 volts is typical for these cable varieties, but they are also available in 300 volts and 1000 volts (1KV) depending on the application.

The manufacturers from which we carry High Temperature Wire have always been focused on constructing products with superb performance capabilities. Where internal wiring is being frequently used, you need wire that can withstand high temperatures and deliver the kind of performance necessary to keep things in the best working order. A great number of typical appliances utilize these types of wire, including elements for heating and cooking, mining and petroleum-related operations, and other settings like those centered on nuclear and aerospace technology.

Even though being subject to an environment with higher levels of heat is understandably uncomfortable, the experience can be made that much more tolerable with High Temp wire. The various lines we carry from Belden, Harbour Cable, Southwire, Coleman Cable, and others are the most appropriate for such settings. High Temperature Wire is indisputably preferred for applications in which extreme levels of heat and pressure from other external influences would ordinarily result in the breakdown of electrical components. 

When you choose to ensure performance and problem-free cable function by investing in high temperature wire varieties, you will inevitably do yourself and your line of work a favor. These cables are unmatched not only in their heat resistance ability, but also in their capability of working against threats presented from spilling, splashing, and other factors. Our high temperature wire is available in a number of specific styles and configurations in order to accommodate unique situations, whether they be related to the production or research sector, that might call for particular jacket or conductor styles.

There are a number of applications in which high heat must be de with in a fitting and comprehensive manner. Our various brands of cable are built to endure regular onslaughts of heat, thereby keeping equipment up and running at the capacity in which it needs to be. Multiple industries, from food preparation to welding to molding and casting, have made use of the benefits provided by high temp wire. The needs for these products can range from molding of plastics to more steel-oriented working environments. Whatever your specific needs may be, we are prepared to equip you with the most suitable wire for your requirements.

If you encounter any issues with finding the specific High Temperature Wire you need, our support staff is on hand Monday through Friday during business hours to help you locate the right product.