Flexible & Portable Cord

OneStopBuy provides access to more than a dozen categories of flexible cords and portable cords, including 600 volt SOOW Cable, W Cable, DLO Cable, Welding Cable, Jumper Cable, Submersible Pump Cable, and more. Engineers have made use of these various cable types for years. As with other cables offered on our site, flexible and portable cords are made with special attention paid to quality and detail, including jacket choices of rubber and various speciy plastics, carefully constructed conductors, and other features that allow a reliable and enduring service life for every product. In addition, the majority of these cord types are MSHA approved, compliant with RoHS standards, and UL listed. Our comprehensive offering of flexible and portable cord represents some of our customers’ most requested needs in terms of cabling applications.

These cables are commonly used in the provision of portable and temporary power, the operation of motors and high-grade machinery, and in connecting stationary equipment. The manufacturers’ meticulous construction processes have resulted in flexible and portable cords that are dependable in those environments that demand it, being resistant to wear-and-tear from outside elements like alkalis and oils, water and other lubricants, acidic substances, and other effects from ozone.

We provide total support and for every shopping experience and purchase, confident that these flexible and portable cord products from manufacturers like General Cable, South Wire and Superior are high in quality and dependability. OneStopBuy.com pride ourselves on earning and keeping your business. Our expert staff is more than capable of assisting you in the selection and purchase of cable that is best for your unique needs. Because we have stock available from various facilities throughout the United States, our lead time and delivery is also reliable and reasonable.


Most of the cables that we offer, such as SOOW, DLO, High Flex, Festoon, SEEOW, and Bus Drop 600V Cable, can be delivered within 3 business days. We also provide more flexibility than other electrical distributor sites in terms of accommodating smaller-scale projects.


Don’t need an entire reel or a standard put-up? No problem! We have the ability to cut a great deal of flexible and portable cord products to smaller, specific lengths if you let us know about your requirements prior to ordering.


And if you’re looking for another reason to buy from us, always remember that our portable and flexible cord orders come with Free Ground Shipping to any location within the Continental 48 U.S. states. Our aim has always been to help each of our customers save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money by providing exceptional customer service and products at the most reasonable prices, with speedy and economical shipping that fits your budget and schedule.


At OneStopBuy.com, we have expertise with all the flexible and portable cord varieties from companies like South Wire, General Cable, and Superior, as well as a thorough knowledge about numerous applications to help you find the most appropriate products. Our cable experts are available every day from 7 am to 6 pm Central Standard Time via phone, email, or live chat to assist you every step of the way.