Electronics Cable

The transmission of digital data and electrical signals requires specifically engineered and designed cables. At OneStopBuy.com, we offer one of the largest selections of high-quality electronic cables available anywhere. Because we provide access to products manufactured by trusted and time-tested manufacturers of various electronic cable like Belden, General Cable, Alpha, Carol Cable, and many others, you can be assured we carry only the finest quality electronics cables being made today.

Electronic cables are used in all markets—from residential and commercial to institutional and industrial. As a result, a multitude of variations are often made even for quite similar applications. Simply knowing the number of conductors and the gauge of a wire is only the beginning in being able to select the right product. Knowing more particular characteristics, like the application and specific scope of the cable’s use, can often narrow the choices significantly. Being faced with so many different forms of insulation, conductor, shielding and jacket materials can make selecting the right cable for your application a challenging task. Need help? Just ask and we will be happy to assist you in your selection and provide you with assurance that you are purchasing the right product for your specific need.

Various Shielding Choices
Due to the critical nature of the data or signals traveling in electronics cables, protection from electromagnetic fields—also known as EMF—is often a primary concern. Many of our electronics cables offer shielding in a number of different forms including foils, wraps, and braids. Having to go through the process of determining the best electronic cable for your application can be a daunting task. This is one important area where our dedicated technical and product support team can help.

Insulation and Durable Jackets
Because signals and data need to travel through various environments, the insulation of the electronics wire is very important. Various compounds have important features and benefits that make them the best choices for particular applications. Standard PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), which is the most common insulation option, is typically used in indoor applications where conductors are not exposed except for short distances.


If the cable is pulled through ceilings that are also used for plenums, as is the case with HVAC applications, the need for low smoke and non-toxic-fume-producing compounds is a must. Rather than PVC insulation, we offer electronic cable products insulated with FEP Teflon, as well as with Flamarrest by Belden, which is a plenum-grade, chloride-based jacketing material that meets all ANSI/NFPA Standard 262-1985 Plenum Cable Flame tests at a fraction of the cost of Teflon products.


Other electronics cables have jacketing that is excellent for industrial applications, having the ability to resist oils, abrasion, and sunlight exposure. In addition to this, many electronic cable choices have direct burial capabilities.

Conductor Materials for Specialized Needs
Conductor size and material are other very important criteria to consider in selecting the correct electronics cable for the job. Signal integrity is affected by temperature, distance, and conductance as well as many other factors. We can help you determine the proper gauge, conductor material, and stranding required for your situation.

At OneStopBuy.com, we make the extra effort to ensure that you are always buying the right electronic cable for your application at the best possible price.