Automation & Process Control

For today’s manufacturing applications that call for reliable production, problem-free communication of data, and automation, you can’t be without a high-performance cable that can meet this high demand. Because of this, provides a full stock of Automation and Process Control Cable products from Belden and Omni Cable. These include lines like industrial-grade Coaxial Cable, Data and Ethernet Cable, Twinax Cable, and Variable Frequency Drive Cable. These types of cables are found in various factory, manufacturing, and processing settings in numerous industries, from auto building to metal production to petrochemicals.

Aside from this, the Automation Cables and Process Control cables from Omni and Belden are produced in facilities compliant with ISO 9001:2000 standards. This involves the companies’ use of various types of equipment and quality control processes that are among the best in the cable industry. As a distributor for these companies, we also have an expert team of customer and sales support staff that can assist you with any application questions and product selection concerns you may have about these cables. We offer support through live chat, email, and phone.

For those in need of reliable cable products for applications like DeviceBus, DeviceNet, Modbus, and others, Automation and Process Control Cables from Belden and Omni Cable are a solid choice. Just take Belden’s line of DataTuff industrial ethernet cables, for instance. Many of these boast the company’s patented technology utilizing bonded-pairs. Bonded-pairs in Automation and Process Control Cable are known for possessing a high amount of performance reliability that lasts well after installation has been carried out.


Another Belden feature is their shielding on these cables, which consists of an aluminum and polyester design called Beldfoil. Beldfoil was the first shielding type in the industry to fully protect cables against ingress resulting from radio and audio frequencies, as well as radiated emission. The armoring applied to Automation and Process Control Cables from both Belden and Omni Cable is offered in interlocking steel or aluminum configurations. Continuous corrugated aluminum armor is another option which, like the previously mentioned choices, is intended to provide optimal protection even in harsher applications. All types of Automation and Process Control Cable, including electronic, instrumentation, and control varieties, have the added benefits of providing cost reductions for conduits, less complications during installation and any required rerouting, and extra shielding protection in general.


Our easy-to-use site menu allows for the precise selection of Automation and Process Cable items for the entire browsing, checkout, and purchasing process. For example, we offer the ability to narrow down cable products according to criteria like gauge size, number of conductors, number of pairs, the presence or absence of shielding materials, and specific ratings that pertain to each product type. Some are specially rated and thus suited for harsh environments, while others are geared toward applications like programmable logic controller units, robotic welding, and marine or offshore environments that demand Automation and Process Control cabling approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The choices for numbers of conductors on these cable varieties range from 1 to 8, while options for pairs include 1, 1 Power and 1 Data, 2, 3, and 4. We also offer product choices from both companies with several different Class 1 and Class 2 ratings, MSHA approval, Plenum ratings, and others.