Armored Cable

With stock in 11 different warehouses across the US, has you covered when it comes to applications that require Armored Cable. We have dozens of Aluminum Interlocked Armor, Continuously Corrugated Welded, and TECK 90 cable varieties, as well as aluminum body fittings from top manufacturers like General, Nexans Energy, Southwire, and Omni. With a multitude of industry approvals through UL and CSA certifications, these products are constructed to meet assorted standards in the way of operation and endurance. They are suited for wet as well as dry conditions and are capable of withstanding high temperatures.

The industrial, commercial, and utility settings that call for armored cable demand something that is also able to brave potential threats like exposure to moisture, heat, and chemical substances. Tough environments call for the toughness of Armored Cable, something that is worth the investment simply because it will prevent future costs from unnecessary mistakes due to installing insufficient or unsuitable cable types. For even the most heavily used areas, such as those with regular foot and vehicle traffic, the carefully constructed insulation and conductors of armored cable will ensure that strength and integrity is consistently maintained.

Armored Cable: High Flame and Element Resistance
For Armored Cable applications where resistance to fire is absolutely essential, we offer Aluminum Interlocked Armor and Continuously Corrugated Welded cables, also known as AIA and CCW, that are able to be placed in outdoor or indoor environments and wet or dry settings.


These are ICEA T-29-520 Flame Test compliant at 210,000 BTUs per hour and able to be utilized in hazardous settings categorized under Class I, Class II Division 2, and Class III Division 1 and Division 2. Aside from having top-notch resistance to chemicals and oil, AIA cables are not easily affected by pressure from crushing or cold bending. Their long-lasting life makes them a lower-cost ernative for managing building needs without the use of conduit installation.


Underground, Embedded, and Offshore
CCW cables are typically used in circuits for signals and other applications in areas related to lighting and power. Like Aluminum Interlocked Armored Cable, they are versatile in terms of indoor and outdoor placement options, but they are also capable of direct burial and embedding in concrete. With NEC Article 330 certification, CCW is highly regarded for its utility in petroleum-centered operations, whether they be stationary or offshore in nature.


Built for Strength and Reliability
Our TECK 90 product, available through companies like General, Nexans, Southwire, Omni, and Priority, is noted for possessing some of the strongest armor with a lower profile. It is resistant to flame and considered to provide the most suitable protection from damage of a mechanical sort. Built with a jacket both over and underneath the armor, these Class I Division 2 cables are intended for hazardous areas.


In addition to these, offers male Armored Cable fittings from Omni Cable in different sizes, with varieties that can be used in either standard locations or hazardous locations. The standard type features an aluminum body construction and comes with the fitting and lock nut, while the fittings made for hazardous settings include a special sealing compound.