Aluminum Service Cable

Aluminum Service Cable from CME, Omni Cable, Converse Aluminum, and Commodity, is made from stranded aluminum conductors that are compressed and then triplexed or quadruplexed together. hough Aluminum Service cables do not have jackets, they are constructed with insulation material that is either cross-linked polyethylene or XLPE. These are used in underground applications, so it is important to bear in mind that such cables always have a neutral wire colored yellow for easy identification. Aluminum Service Cable is a popular enough variety that is likely always available from our manufacturers’ nearly dozen distribution warehouses throughout the United States.

Identifying the Aluminum Service Cable necessary for your application is made easier through part numbers that are specific to colors and sizes. You will find that there are specific code names for each cable. URD Triplex, for instance, includes names like Wesleyan, Pratt, Stevens, and Sweetbriar, while URD Quadraplex features Dyke, Notredame, Syracuse, and Tulsa, among others. ASCR cables have unique labels like Penguin, Quail, Raven, Bronco, and Suffolk that help in identifying specific products. Aside from name identifiers, our website’s helpful selector also allows customers to narrow down product selections according to AWG size, conductor numbers, and maximum amperage.

When browsing our available Aluminum Service Cable products, it is vital to understand the differences that exist among varieties of Aluminum Service Cable. The first type of triplex and quadraplex wire that we offer through manufacturers like General Cable, Commodity, Alcan, and CME is Underground Distribution (commonly abbreviated as UD or URD). You will generally see these being utilized in applications rated for up to 600 volts that require service that is underground or for secondary distribution. Installation is carried out either in ducts or through direct burial.

A second category of these cables, Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (abbreviated ACSR), is used in a distribution context with overhead installation, for primary or secondary distribution, and has the added capability of acting as a line for transmissions. Because of their stranding made with a steel core, ACSR cables are a perfect match for settings that require powerful design as well as high capabilities when it comes to maintaining proper ampacity. carries bare overhead ACSR, which is reinforced with steel, in addition to our insulated triplex and quadraplex choices. These are known for their exceptional trustworthiness and cost-effectiveness. Their unique interplay between a lightweight, highly conductive aluminum material and durable steel makes for a cable that is capable of higher tensile abilities across greater spans of distance. With Aluminum Conductor products in particular, the steel works as a unique feature with the benefit of offering reinforcement. Their cores, because they are made of steel, are also not susceptible to corrosion like other varieties.

Whether you need URD or ASCR Aluminum Service Cable, can be trusted to find the right product line for your application, with stock available in almost a dozen warehouses across the United States. If you place any order for these products by 2:00 PM Eastern time during the week, we can generally cut and ship your cable out the same day.