Mounting Brackets & Plates

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  • 41MB2-EXT - Extension Mounting Frame Kit - 300 Pair
    Extension Mounting Frame Kit with three 100-pair bases; mounting frame; C-4 and C-5 connector blocks; three horizontal cord managers; label strip holders and white label strips.
  • 41MB2-SME - Extension Mounting Frame Unit - 300 Pair
    300-pair Extension Mounting-Frame Unit (sheet metal frame only).
  • 41MB2-SMF - Extension Mounting Frame w/ Sheet Metal Frame and Cable Tray - 300 Pair
    300-pair Basic Mounting-Frame Unit (sheet metal frame and bottom cable tray only).
  • 49251-W62 - 2-Position 3.5" H, 6.0" D Hinged Wall Mounting Brackets
    Find a selection of wall mounting brackets when you shop One Stop Buy! Items such as this Allen Tel AT55HM-3 may be exactly what you need for your project.
  • 49251-W63 - 3-Position 5.25" H, 6.0" D Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket
    3-Position (5.25" H, 6.0" D) Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket
  • 49251-W64 - 4-Position 7.0" H, 6.0" D Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket
    4-Position (7.0" H, 6.0" D) Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket
  • 49254-BA1 - Blank Panel Insert Angled 1RU
    Angled Blank Panel, 1RU
  • 49254-BA2 - Blank Panel Insert Angled 2RU
    Angled Blank Panel, 2RU
  • 49254-BC1 - Transitional Cover Angled 1RU
    Angled Transitional Cover
  • 49254-BP1 - Blank Panel Insert Flat 1RU
    Standard Blank Panel, 1RU
  • 49254-BP2 - Blank Panel Insert Flat 2RU
    Standard Blank Panel, 2RU
  • 49254-BP4 - Blank Panel Insert Flat 4RU
    Standard Blank Panel, 4RU
  • 49400-FHB - Front Hinge Bracket
    Front Hinge Bracket (1.08" wide, 5.22" high, 3.18? depth)
  • 4W254-BA1 - Blank Panel Insert Recessed Angled 1RU
  • 4W254-BA2 - Blank Panel Insert Recessed Angled 2RU
  • 4W254-BC1 - Transitional Cover Recessed Angled 1RU
    Recessed Angled Transitional Cover, 1RU, UPC; 07847726830
  • C1253-2CM - CABLE MGR C1 ULTRA 2RU
    C1 Ultra, Cable Mgr/ Blank Panel, 2RU, Include MGT. RI