Networking Solutions

Leviton Manufacturing remains a world leader in their support of commercial and residential networks, offering an unmatched catalog of high-performing and well-built Network Solutions products. Serving applications that range from residential spaces to high-end commercial servers, Leviton devices are well-known for their reliability in keeping connections going. In addition to having robust and dependable devices, the company provides ongoing service and consumer support for the entire duration of these products’ lives. 

The company’s more than a century worth of experience with designing, engineering, and testing this product line—as well as multiple others—has resulted in trusted solutions for networks of all sorts. Leviton boasts a considerable amount of accumulated inventions and patented innovations that include numerous areas of network performance, design, and efficiency in production. Some recent examples have included their Category 8 copper system (Atlas-X1), the first independently-verified component-rated Cat 6A system (eXtreme), and a 24-fiber MTP system built for 40G and 100G networks.

With Network Solutions products that are made at ISO 9001-2008 certified plants—most of which are located in the United States—Leviton consistently builds devices within this line that can be trusted to reduce needed maintenance and increase quality output. The performance of their systems and solutions is vigorously tested both by the company and independent parties. All Network Solutions devices from Leviton include a warranty assuring quality in construction and materials. For those systems that are installed by certified contractors, warranty coverages are also available for product performance.


As an authorized distributor of these products, offers direct access to the entire Network Solutions catalog. Leviton has produced millions of RJ-45 connectors out of the U.S. Apart from this, they have also overseen the installation, review, and certification of several million copper links and fiber links. Every device and configuration has been subjected to meticulous testing in manufacturer-owned laboratories to guarantee their ability to stand up to everyday use as well as the most intensive networking use.


Their production has often exceeded industry standards in this sector. With the company’s fiber interconnecting devices and passive components, for instance, Leviton has surpassed IEC 61300-3-35 requirements. Most of the products in this line, which consist of Made-to-Order (MTO) options in addition to normally available ones, are also built domestically. They are regularly tested and determined to be in compliance with ETL and UL standards, with reports to that effect posted publicly on a regular basis.


If you have a unique application and need help in determining the most fitting solution for your needs, gets in touch with our product and sales support team. We have experts who can discuss options with you through live chat, phone, or email and can communicate directly with engineers at Leviton to quickly and efficiently answer your concerns. A number of quick-ship fiber assembly, copper cable assembly, and MTP module products can be customized through the manufacturer’s MTO program. They have a factory of their own with a specialized staff that that is dedicated to receiving and fulfilling such requests.