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  • ODC0P-W - Centura Photocell
    Centura Photocell For Use With Centura Dimming Power Pack Only , UPC: 07847704732
  • PCATR - Photocell Atrium PLC
    Photocell - Atrium 2-2500fc (Out of the Box Default: 2-1000fc)
  • PCIND - Photocell Indoor PLC
    Photocell - Indoor 0-750fc (out of the box default: 0-100fc)
  • PCOUT - Outdoor Photocell
    Outdoor Photocell, 0-750fc. Out of the Box Default 0-250fc, UPC: 07847723561
  • PCOUT-SV - Outdoor Photocell SVPLC
    Side View Photocell, Outdoor IP20 Rating. Configurable 55-5500fc. Factory Default 3-380fc. +24VDC Supply, +0-