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Energy Wise Products

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Energy Wise Products

It’s a simple fact that standards and regulations regarding energy usage have become essential to think about when developing new constructions and retrofitting existing ones. While codes like ASHRAE 90.1 (Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings) and California Title 24 have established minimum legal requirements for buildings, special programs also exist—like LEED Certification—that are intended to offer financial incentives for incorporating energy-efficient considerations into lighting controls.

With the cost of energy increasing at higher-than-previous rates, making the switch to Leviton Energy Wise Products has become even more timely. It is estimated that nearly 40 percent of the energy bill for an average business is connected to lighting devices and their usage. As a result, the installation of energy-saving lighting controls cannot be overlooked when it comes to considering how a company might reduce unnecessary expenditures and find ways to save electricity. The same is obviously true for residential settings.

We offer access to a comprehensive line of energy wise products for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting and general energy management applications. One of the most popular categories for this is occupancy and vacancy sensors, which are available in several different types of technologies depending on the range and scope of detection required. These include PIR, ultrasonic, and multi-technology options. Daylight harvesting sensors make use of ambient light to effectively reign in energy usage in commercial work facilities, while Leviton's EZ-MAX Plus and GreenMAX lines include devices for the support of relay control systems. In addition, the company's submeter products consist of tools for the collection and monitoring of usage data as well as software tools for accurate billing of tenants regularly using energy.


Various Tools and Strategies for Conserving Energy
Leviton's wide range of lighting controls and energy wise product offerings includes solutions for areas as varied as residential homes, office buildings, school campuses, and museum facilities. The first major benefit in starting to make use of these products—or otherwise increasing their implementation—is that doing so in new constructions or retrofits helps ensure compliance with state, federal, and local codes regarding energy like ASHRAE Standard 90.1, California Title 24, LEED, and IECC. In many cases, tax and financial rebates are available through governments and companies for those who install such devices.


The second notable advantage in making use of energy wise products is seeing lower energy consumption and reaping considerable savings in energy costs over the long term.  With Leviton dimmer devices, for example, it is possible to regularly switch lights on and off through automated settings. Shutting light sources off when spaces are unoccupied, or dimming areas that are being used to create ambiance, can go a long way in cutting down usage on a normal basis. The same benefits can be gained from other Leviton automation device lines like Decora timer and lighting load controls, wireless LevNet RF switches and sensors, and tools like photocells for daylighting or daylight harvesting options in commercial buildings.


Why Buy from Us?
As a fully authorized distributor for Leviton Manufacturing, always aims for customer satisfaction prior to your selection of products, throughout the process of purchasing and delivery, and long after you receive and have been using your devices. Our team of electrical experts offer customer and technical support five days a week, from 7 am to 6 pm (Central Standard Time), as well as product support for the full duration of the manufacturer’s warranty on each energy wise Leviton product.