Wiremesh Safety Grips

With a complete stock of wiremesh safety grips from Leviton, we offer products that are manufactured with qualities like durability and reliability in mind. Wiremesh Safety Grips provide the high amount gripping force that is needed for the most demanding of applications in the realm of wire management. Because they are made for distributing stress across larger areas, they are able to consistently offer secure holds, pulls, or supports for whatever type of rope, wiring, cabling, or tubing they are being used alongside.

Wiremesh safety grips are capable of several different functions, including holding cable, rope, and tubing-related devices in place, providing continuous support after installation, lowering risk of cable pullouts, and providing strain relief where needed. These products are offered in a number of different options, styles, and weave configurations for various applications.

Main Types of Wiremesh Safety Grip Varieties
There are four main categories within this product line that have distinguishing characteristics between them. The first major category of Wiremesh Safety Grips offered by Leviton is pulling grips, which are intended for the pulling of conductors and bare wires that are insulated. Pulling grips are also suitable for fiber optic cable, as well as wire rope and nylon.  Depending on the application, there are both flexible eye and rotating eye attachments available within this category.


Strain-relief grips are a second line of products that are utilized in connections between enclosures or electrical equipment and cables or flexible conduits. What this helps in minimizing is the risk of pullout and bending from tension that can occur at termination points in such connections.


The third type, Support Grips, allows the weight of cables, rods, tubing, or hosing to be equally distributed where these are being run. This helps prevent damage to cable and other devices.  Because a number of hanger and bale varieties are available, support grips can accommodate a number of different project installation and application needs. For an added amount of resistance to corrosion, Wiremesh Safety Grip products—specifically support grips—are offered with a stainless steel construction.


A final type of Wiremesh Safety Grip, Deluxe Cord Grips, feature a woven, stainless steel mesh construction along with an anodized aluminum body to offer a great deal corrosion resistance. These are available from Leviton in both single and double weave varieties, with several benefits including absorption of direct pulling, strain elimination, and resistance to effects like binding and flexing. Deluxe Cord Grips are sold in several different NPT thread sizes, and they are suited for both indoor and outdoor use, in environments with moisture, and in applications that include things like pendant station wiring, hand tools, cord sets, and equipment for processing. Aside from being UL Listed and certified in accordance with CSA standards, these cord grips are rated for usage in hazardous locations under the following classifications: Class I, Div. 2; Class II, Div. 1 and 2; and Class III, Div. 1 and 2. When a sealing ring is incorporated between boxes and fittings, these Wiremesh Safety Grip devices are also able to be used in wet locations.