Weather-Resistant Devices

Homeowners continually rely on Leviton Weather-Resistant Devices, including Weatherproof Covers, Weatherproof Lampholders, and Weatherproof Receptacles, for all sorts of important residential uses. Aside from being utilized in pump and sprinkler systems, these products are also practical in landscaping and accenting applications such as power tools, trimmers, and holiday lighting. They are also popular for outdoor security systems.

Leviton offers a complete line of Weather-Resistant and While-In-Use products that have a rugged enough construction to ensure devices being used are protected from moisture, debris, and dust, as well as insects that might try to make their way inside. Along with this, too, the devices being protected remain easy to access for general use and servicing. Weather-Resistant products are widely used in applications for outdoor locations like pools, hot tubs, and entertainment systems.

Made to comply with the requirements of the 2014 National Electric Code’s (NEC) for weatherproof enclosures used in wet and damp locations under Section 406.9, Leviton’s Weather-Resistant products are built with heavy-duty and weatherproof sealed gaskets. Weather-Resistant and Weatherproof covers are versatile enough to accommodate a number of device types including Standard Toggle Switches, Duplex Receptacles, GFCI devices, Single Receptacle, and the brand’s signature line of Decora decorator devices.


In addition to this line, Leviton also offers a selection of industrial-grade water-resistant device covers that are meant for strap mount and flanged devices in FD boxes and panel mounts. These water-resistant devices in particular are rated according to NEMA 3R and IP64. One of their primary features is a self-closing lid that enables them to be successfully utilized in environments that entail high abuse. Aside from this, these Weather-Resistant devices can contain two padlocks for lockout and tagout as part of OSHA compliance standards. They also include a space for labeling circuit IDs that is molded into the products. They have a pre-assembled gasket design and are able to be kept open for improved speed and ease of installation.


Wetguard Goes Beyond Weather Resistance
The signature Wetguard line of devices includes watertight plugs and connectors, as well as inlets, outlets, covers and FD boxes, that are made for the mounting of both single-gang and multi-gang configurations depending on application requirements. Apart from resisting water, the elastomer parts that make up the device bodies of Wetguard connectors and plugs also resist the influence of the majority of acids, alkalies, grease, oil, and other related solvents.

While-In-Use and Weather-Resistant Device Covers have a reliable and rugged construction that locks out moisture, dust, and debris, at the same time allowing for simplified access to devices for purposes of installation and modification. These are well-suited for locations like household decks, patios, and porches.

SmartlockPro GFCIs: Optimized for the Outdoors
Another major category of Leviton Weather-Resistant Devices is SmartlockPro GFCIs, which boast tamper-resistant GFCI protection as well as weather-resistance. With UL listing certification that complies with the 2008 National Electrical Code, Section 406.8, these products are optimized with a thermoplastic body material that also has a significant amount of resistance to cold impact. It is important to note that all of these covers need to be used in conjunction with Weather-Resistant GFCI receptacles rather than standard ones. This allows their operation and configuration to comply with the standards set forth under NEC Section 406.8.