Wallplates from Leviton Manufacturing are a trusted by professional electricians and everyday consumers alike for adding an attractive finish to switches, outlets, and other types of lighting control devices. Aside from adding safety and protection, their decorative quality adds a dash of complementarity or contrast depending on the stylistic needs of a space.

These wall plate covers are available from OneStopBuy.com in a wide variety of options that include single and multi-gang configurations; several material choices including plastic, thermoplastic (which is considered virtually unbreakable), and metal; and indoor devices as well as those with weather-resistant covers for outdoor applications. In addition, size options for these devices include Standard, Midway and Jumbo sizes.

Differences Among Electrical Wall Plate Body Materials

Thermoset, also known simply as plastic, is intended for use as standard-level replacements for the majority of common application in households. At the minimum, these products have the ability to withstand fading and discoloring over time, as well as having a resistance to everyday substances like moisture and grease, oil and other organic solvents, moisture, and scratches.


One level above thermoset material is thermoplastic, which provides a much higher level of impact resistance because of device bodies molded from polymers that are rated for engineering applications. This makes them more than appropriate for areas of the home that attract greater levels of regular activity including kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.


A third category of wallplate material that is available from Leviton is metal. Aside from having rounded corners that help in better preventing damage to walls, wallplates with this material are the most durable and easiest to clean. A number of metal varieties exist through Leviton including stainless steel, polished brass, brushed brass, chrome, and aluminum metal. Another variety of metal that is available includes antimicrobial treatment, a feature which is essential in combating bacterial growth in environments like hehcare and childcare facilities. With a specially embedded, polyurethane powder coating, these wallplates are capable of regularly guarding against mold, mildew, fungi, and other bacteria. They are also unaffected by scuffing and fingerprints.


Size Differences Depending on Usage
While the area that is open on wallplates for switches and outlets is always consistent, the aspect that is sometimes different is size of the remaining area outside of this. The basic, standard size is the most popular for typical and everyday use. Another option that is somewhat larger all around is the midway size, which is actually the “standard” of choice for a number of areas in the United States. These are definitely preferable when something is needed to help in hiding imperfections on walls. Finally, a jumbo size is available for if covering up more notable imperfections is necessary.


Multiple Configurations for Unique Applications
At least a dozen broad categories of Leviton wallplate products are available to accommodate different devices, including ones for single toggle switches, duplex outlets, and phone, CATV, and cable installations. We are an authorized Leviton distributor and carry hundreds of these and other options such as wallplate blanks, sectional pieces, extra-duty while-in-use covers, and decorative styles like those in the Decora and Renu lines.