For retrofits and new constructions, including multi-tenant dwellings and industrial applications, offers submeter products, also known as watthour meters. Manufactured by Leviton, these are made to record accurate details regarding energy usage and demand. This can be accomplished in smaller, more specific areas as well as entire buildings or complexes. Watthour meters can allow you to discover important opportunities for saving energy. They are arguably one of the most cost-effective tools for those working to gain LEED points and effectively carry out green building projects.

Typical utility meters are only capable of looking at energy consumption and demand on a wide level, but being able to carry out actual profiling of energy loads requires more specific analysis. Submeters can provide higher accuracy data snapshots at various intervals. They allow users to isolate the causes of excessive load spikes, which gives those who manage facilities an ability to cut down on spikes or shift them to off-peak hours. By generating accurate profile data of energy usage, Leviton submeters create unmatched opportunities for lowering costs, improving the efficiency of energy usage, and eliminating unnecessary expenses. Ultimately, this results in reduced costs in energy for tenants and lower prices for market consumers.

Accurate and Reliable Measuring
When it comes to collecting measurements of energy and obtaining crucial data, higher-quality equipment simply means higher-quality results. Watthour meters make use of current transformers rather than current sensors, thus ensuring greater levels of performance and measuring of data.


Easier Installation and Better Features
Because of Leviton’s feature on these products of intuitive feedback for users, installation of submeters is made simpler and hassle-free. To begin with, all metering devices include labels with color-coding to allow for quick identification and connection of current transformers.

On the body of the device, an LED warning light is there to illuminate in the case of improper installation. If everything is correctly oriented on the meter, though, a green indicator is always on to designate that the data collection process is successful.

All submeters also include an isolated pulse output channel and an RS-48S serialized data port standard, enabling users to interface items more quickly and benefit from compatibility with various other energy management tools.


Rated for Performance with a Robust Warranty carries all of Leviton’s watthour meter offerings, which have series numbers that correspond to the number of kilowatt hours being monitored in any given application, whether for single-phase loads or those with three-phase loads. In addition, single meters and Multiple Meter Units (MMUs) both conform to standards set forth in the ANSI C12.1 and ANSI C12.20 (0.5) Codes for Electricity Metering.


With Leviton’s comprehensive watthour meter collection, we carry everything required to start keeping a reliable record of energy. Our support team is always available to help you in finding the best solution for your applications in order to put you on the road toward greater monitoring results and cost savings.

As an authorized Leviton distributor, we also offer full support for the entirety of their product warranties including the 10-year warranty on watthour meters. This represents some of the best coverage in the industry and reflects the company’s high level of confidence in these products.