Structured Media

With applications that range from average-sized homes to lighter commercial facilities and Meter Data Unification and Synchronization systems (MDUs), Leviton’s Structured Media line offers enclosures that benefit all sorts of retrofit and newer installations. Their size, shape, and construction allow for an easy-to-access point of termination for wiring, as well as a dependable point of distribution for various audio-visual, voice, and data needs.

Leviton Structured Media products are available in compact configurations and sizes that include 14 inches, 21 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, and 42 inches, with an aim toward providing a “nerve center” for the connected home or workplace. Whether the location is a single-family home, a hotel, or a high-rise apartment complex, OneStopBuy’s comprehensive listing of Leviton products offers an unmatched selection of structured media wiring choices for audio, video, and general media networking applications.

Dedicated Patch Panels, Modules, and Enclosures
The versatility of structured media enclosures from one wiring configuration to the next makes them a great fit for a multitude of networking, voice and data, video, and audio needs. Solutions are available for various constructions, including those with materials like steel frames, wood, concrete, and cinder blocks. In addition, for those applications that can benefit from a network with expanded signal reach, there are RF transparent enclosures available.


Leviton’s Cat 6 and Cat 5e patch panels and modules provide distribution for data cables that is both dependable and holds up to continuous usage. The Twist and Mount Panels in this product line, for instance, are made to increase the ease of installation and give users improved access to connected devices whenever it comes time to make adjustments or shift components around within a home or commercial network.


For systems centered on security and telephone systems, Structured Media products also include a selection of distribution boards, panels, and modules related to these categories. Leviton offers Telephone Input Distribution Panels, also known as TIDPs, that support triple-play modem input connections. They also have an aesthetic that is consistent with that of the brand’s Twist and Mount Panels.


The integrated power supplies that Structured Media cabling systems are built around make use of active technology that needs lower voltage power as well as some sort of surge protection. For this purpose, Leviton has also made available a number of power supply devices that feature extra plugs. This helps in decreasing the need for power adapters inside of enclosures that unnecessarily take up too much space.


Products for Carrying Digital and RF Signals
Another line of products, CATV Splitters, are capable of distributing incoming RF signals or digital cable signals to various points. In the case of Leviton’s passive CATV splitters, this is done with the use of a coaxial cable. Premium CATV splitters, on the other hand, are employed to optimize cable signals for more reliable HDTV connections.


Wireless switches and routers are another important structured media solution from Leviton. These gigabit-capable technologies allow for the creation of Local Area Network (LAN) connections throughout a home or office environment. With this, various computers, printers, and other devices can be set up within a network, allowing them to be integrated to ensure optimal data speeds.