Straight Blade Devices

We carry an enormous selection of products from Leviton, who are known for their offering of top-quality straight blade devices used in a multitude of different applications. Aside from traditional receptacles in various standard configurations and colors, they produce plugs, connectors, flanged inlets, flanged outlets, and snap-in devices that are intended for everything from residential locations to commercial and industrial settings. 

With products that have body constructions suited for everyday home usage all the way up to heavy-duty processing environments, Leviton can be consistently relied upon for delivering straight blade devices that do the job well. Apart from having a construction that ensures reliable performance and integrity, these items are all backed by full warranties from the manufacturer. 

Even the most basic line of Leviton straight blade devices, the residential product category, comes stocked with a number of different color options. More recently, the “TR” symbol included on device faces clearly conveys to users that they are Tamper-Resistant, and they are as a result made in accordance with the latest National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements and standards. Tamper-Resistant devices feature a specialized shutter that is intended to block out any foreign objects that shouldn’t be plugged into an outlet, such as keys, paper clips, hairpins, and so forth.

A step above residential products in the straight blade devices line is Commercial Spec Grade Receptacles, which are available in configurations of 15 amps and 20 amps and have a multitude of color choices like the other lines, as well as various other wiring options and features. They likewise carry a solid warranty and are regarded by many end-users as being a good substitute for industrial straight blade devices in terms of their cost.

Within the industrial product category, straight blade devices also include extra heavy-duty products. These are the sort of devices that are more commonly used in harsher and heavy-traffic environments like plants, factories, schools, and many municipal buildings. As specification grade devices, they are durable as well as made with vital features like reliability and safe usage in mind.

In particular, these items include a nylon cover with impact resistance capabilities because of their thick walls. A cleaner and safer ground path is ensured because of a brass strap made with one piece that also includes integral ground contacts. These straight blade devices are compliant with many important standards including NEMA WD-1, NEMA WD-6, and ANSI, and they are Fed Spec listed, UL listed, and certified under the requirements of CSA and NOM.

Another popular line of products in Leviton’s straight blade devices offering is their signature Decora receptacles, which come in a multitude of colors as well as standard configurations. Decora Quickwire and Side Wired Receptacles, for instance, feature terminal screws that accept up to 12-gauge wire that is made of copper or copper-clad. In order to have improved retention of plugs and better assurance of conductivity, these devices are made with double-wipe power contacts. They also have steel mounting straps that are zinc-plated and of a heavier gauge. Those purchasing from our site will have the benefit of knowing that we honor the brand’s limited 2-year warranty for these products, in addition to the respective warranties that exist on all their other products.