Single-Pole Rhino-Hide

Our offering of Leviton watertight and other related industrial devices includes Single-Pole Rhino-Hide devices. You’ll find a full selection of connectors, panel receptacles, and related adapters for use in contexts that require distribution of power at a high amperage. There are a range of device series available that provide varying amperage and voltage ratings in order to accommodate specific applications. Leviton’s Single-Pole Rhino-Hide line provides reliable temporary power distribution for even the harshest of industrial environments.

Starting with the 15 Series Single-Pole Rhino-Hide devices, which includes devices utilized in applications like entertainment industry equipment and laboratories for research and development, there are amperage allowances of up to 150 amps and 600 volts AC or DC. Following these are 16 and 18 Series products. With a higher maximum capacitance of 400 amps, these are commonly used in environments like fairs and theme parks, on movie sets, and in other constructions to provide power distribution. Devices under the 17, 19, 22, and 23 Series are utilized in heavier industrial applications such as shipyards, shore power, and wind turbines. The final Rhino-Hide device series, the 49 Series, has the highest amperage coverage at 1135 amps and 1000 volts AC or DC, which handles more significant levels of power distribution.

Power and Performance that Stands Up to Pressure
Exceptional power and handling of high amperage applications is Leviton’s strong suit when it comes to their Single-Pole Rhino-Hide device line. The entire family of these products is constructed with designs that offer significant levels of reliability and safety, especially when it comes to severe environments such as those involving heavy industrial and rough-usage applications. Since one of the biggest issues that occurs in such settings is the need for preventing unwanted downtime because of inadequate device performance, these devices are crucial and remain an indispensable addition to any company’s high-power distribution approaches.

Leviton has engineered a reliable line of products that consistently delivers high amperage power where it's needed, whether for applications like land-based and offshore oil rigs or industrial motors. They are versatile because of their compatibility and intermateability with single-pole devices from other manufacturers, and they are color coded in order to allow for simplified visual identification of phases and circuits for connection needs.

There are a number of notable features that make all series levels of Single-Pole Rhino-Hide devices exceptional in terms of their durability and provision of uninterrupted service. The products under all of the series offered on our site have contacts made of solid brass, as well as TPV insulators that are resistant to shattering and cracking. Because of this, they are well-equipped for being used in conjunction with both outdoor and indoor applications. Because of a positive locking connection, Single-Pole Rhino-Hide devices also deal well with being exposed to prolonged vibration. They are able to be operated alongside and can directly replace devices of any competitor within the same category.

Sufficient Amperage and Voltage Ranges
While the group of products contained under each series of Rhino-Hide (17, 19, 22, & 23 Series) all have these identical features in terms of construction and performance enhancements, higher series numbers have increasingly greater allowances when it comes to amperage and voltage carrying capabilities. For applications that call for the highest current power distribution levels, 49 Series single-pole connectors and panel mount receptacles are an unbeatable choice.