Rhino-Hide Products

Leviton’s ultra-durable line of Rhino-Hide products are unique among the company’s product offerings because they are intended for use in the most demanding and rugged of industrial applications. Whether you require single-pole connector devices that can command power distribution of a higher amperage, or devices with NEMA configurations that can withstand strain on cables and conditions with extreme moisture, we offer a variety of solutions.

Rhino-Hide devices are made for connection and provision of power within these tougher sorts of environments. Lighting fixtures and power tools, for instance, can often be subject to factors like constant vibration and wet conditions that require environmentally sealed connectors with multi-pin configurations. These are the same types of devices that are capable of ensuring strong power and control signals in applications like drilling sites, plants for petrochemical processing, and so forth.

Products Made to Withstand Tough Applications
Long hailed for products that offer an exceptional level of performance in the area of industrial applications, Leviton delivers just the same with its comprehensive offering of Rhino-Hide Single Pole Connectors, NEMA Wiring Devices, and Multi-Pin Connectors.


The Single Pole Connectors in the Rhino-Hide line are built for handling power distribution of a temporary nature in both indoor and outdoor settings. With a design that is able to maintain the highest levels of service life and integrity, they stand up exceptionally well to the type of operating conditions that require this. Their color coding feature also makes it much easier to efficiently identify connections related to circuits and phasing. Rhino-Hide Single-Pole Cam Connectors under Leviton’s 15, 16, and 18 series are intended for applications both indoor and outdoor that require up to a 400-amp capacity for carrying currents. 17, 19, 22, and 23 series devices are used in higher-power applications at a maximum of 690 amps. The highest amperage connectors, which include 49 series Rhino-Hide connectors, are utilized in rigs for drilling oil and related applications, since they have a current carrying ability of up to 1135 amps.


With the most exceptional ratings in terms of watertight ability for devices in their category, the NEMA wiring devices in this product line are made to operate without fail in environments with high vibration levels. Popular applications for these devices include offshore and marine locations, since Rhino-Hide NEMA devices are submersible (IP68) and are appropriate in applications with higher pressure and higher temperature washdown (IP69K).


Another major Rhino-Hide category, Multi-Pin devices, consists of environmentally sealed plugs and receptacles with a heavy-duty construction. These products can be used in a number of important industrial settings including exploration and production of gas and oil, petrochemical plants, geophysics industries, and systems dealing specifically with instrumentation and process control. Rhino-Hide Multi-Pin connectors are constructed to provide easier engagement and disengagement of connections.


In addition, Multi-Pin devices can accommodate different contact varieties and allow for multiple currents and contact voltage. They are made to maintain a high level of mechanical performance and will remain environmentally sealed within the applications that demand it. A plating made of black nickel keeps corrosion at bay, as well as increasing conductivity levels. This black nickel also improves grounding and provides additional shielding for the devices, thus decreasing the likelihood of electrical currents building up unnecessarily throughout the shells of connectors.