Renu by Leviton

With Leviton’s innovative line of Renu products, changing the color of wallplates in no time flat has never been easier. The Renu collection includes switches, receptacles, dimmers and wallplates in 20 different color choices as well as a stainless-steel-like option for wallplates in particular. Whatever the device type, it’s a swift process to change out faceplates and transform the color scheme of any application, configuration, or room arrangement. The best part is that this can all be done without the need for any rewiring.

After the initial installation of any Renu product type, changing the color scheme of any setup is incredibly easy. With nearly two dozen popular color choices for every device type in the line—including electrical switches, dimmers, and outlets—faces can be swapped out at any point with no rewiring required. Renu offers a smart solution for electrical consumers, creative individuals, and home decorators that is both time-saving and inspiring.

Versatility in Major Remodeling or Minor Redecorating
For those who have more than just a passing interest in ensuring that living and work spaces come together with a pop of color, Leviton’s Renu product offering is a welcome addition to design tools. Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers can benefit a great deal from these devices’ versatility and complementarity with virtually any décor. Premium features like sculpted and contoured shapes, matte finishes, and a screwless appearance are more than helpful in creating the perfect aesthetic. What’s more, the wallplates in this product line run a slight bit larger than standard ones in order to offer a way of covering up imperfections on walls.

Twenty-one expertly curated colors are available to contrast with or complement existing features like wall trim or door trim. Another option, of course, is to take Leviton’s palette straight to any retailer to get a matching paint pigment for walls.

New Looks in a Snap
Changing out the look of any Renu devices is incredibly simple. First, the wallplate for the device is pulled directly off without any need for unscrewing. After this, tabs on the device face are pushed down and then pulled off one at a time. It’s easy to snap on a new face and then a new wallplate right away. As long as an initial installation has already taken place for each device, there’s no need for a professional or any specialized electrical expertise when swapping out color arrangements or configurations. Also, with the addition of a special adapter ring, these products are even able to be utilized with Leviton’s standard Decora line of devices. Offers the Complete Renu Package
Every Renu device option has the same aesthetically-pleasing, curved and sweeping body style. Each of them also fits hassle-free into standard wallboxes, with simple wiring steps and screwless wallplates that take little effort to change out when desired. Dimmers have the additional feature of a white LED on the device that works as an easy locator light.

As an authorized Leviton distributor, we provide access to all the devices needed to redecorate and revitalize your home with these products. This line includes standard switches and combination switches, dimmers and remotes, wallplates, tamper-resistant standard outlets and GFCI outlets, and Leviton’s QuickPort variety of connectors.