With a considerable variety of straight blade receptacles offered and in stock from Leviton, OneStopBuy has choices available for all sorts of applications including those in hospital, industrial, commercial and residential settings. In addition to these categories, there are items available through our site for unique purposes such as MRI safety compliance, power indication, and others. The industrial grade receptacles line includes locking flush receptacles that have an exceptionally high rating in terms of flammability.

More commercial-oriented receptacle designs can be found in Leviton’s Black & White line of non-NEMA devices, which come in California-Style (which is the standard style) as well as locking configurations that are made for resistance to corrosion. With Rhino-Hide NEMA devices, there are also receptacle types available that have specific ratings making them suitable for conditions where submergibility, water-tightness, and dust-tightness is important. Aside from this, these items are capable of withstanding environments with a presence of extreme vibration.

Comply with Important Tamper-Resistance Mandates
Following the results of a study carried out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a requirement was added to the National Electric Code (NEC) that calls for the receptacles in all new residential housing constructions to be tamper-resistant. The study showed such devices to have an enormous amount of effectiveness in curbing the risk of injuries from foreign objects being inserted into receptacles. These are the same types of devices that have already been required in hospital wards, especially pediatric ones in particular, for at least two decades.

Leviton has been producing tamper-resistant receptacles for quite a while now. Because of this, the company has succeeded in consistently manufacturing and being able to offer a large variety of devices in this category. The brand’s receptacles cover everything from residential to hospital to commercial-grade applications. In addition to standard receptacle configurations, Leviton produces varieties with combination device layouts as well as others with an automatic LED guide light feature, something that is perfect for those who are using these where younger children are present. Tamper-resistance is made possible with a shutter mechanism inside of the devices that activates whenever a foreign object—specifically, anything other than a normal two-prong plug—is placed into the receptacle.  

Critical Electrical Protection for Various Spaces
The SmartlockPro GFCI device line remains one of Leviton’s signature electrical product offerings for the residential, hospital, and commercial industries. For countless consumers, this is the most basic go-to device when it comes to protecting constructions and connected equipment from the damaging effects of electrical currents and electrical shock.

With a patented feature that has reset lockout function, GFCIs are capable of blocking the Reset button whenever their electrical protection has been undermined. All of these devices comply with the relevant requirements of standards like the NEC and UL. But there are also GFCI options available for a number of applications including those that demand weather resistance, for hospital settings, and for other contexts where self-testing protection is beneficial. Combination receptacles that have GFCIs with switches, GFCIs with guide lights, and GFCIs with pilot lights are also offered.