Locking Blade Devices

Part of the many dedicated products available on OneStopBuy for a wide range of industrial applications, Leviton Locking Blade Devices are made with exceptional quality to offer dependable performance in the harshest and most demanding of settings. We carry the brand’s entire line of these products, which includes plugs, connectors, and receptacles, as well as flanged inlets and flanged outlets.

All of the locking blade devices that we carry are backed by Leviton’s Lifetime Warranty. These products’ body construction is tough enough to ensure protection from damage risks that might result from chemical contact, high abuse impacts, or surface abrasion. The products in the locking blade devices line are made to consistently ensure a long service life. In addition, their color coding feature makes the identification of voltage rating information much easier and problem-free for users and installers.

NEMA Devices Made for Impact and Wear Resistance
Leviton’s offering of Locking Blade Devices includes NEMA plugs and connectors made with a nylon body that withstands various kinds of impact and wear that can result from commercial and industrial environments. Their design includes a fluted body that has a radial grip ridge, a feature which allows them to be used effectively in applications that require devices needing to be pulled, gripped, or turned. Wire mesh strain relief connections are easy to initiate, since the clamps for cords don’t need to be detached from the plug or connector body in the event of wiring. The blades of plugs and connectors’ contacts are made of a thick, solid brass material. This ensures high levels of conductivity as well as a longer running life for the devices.

Flanged inlets and outlets are built with nylon material and fit flush, which prevents them from undergoing cracking in applications that yield higher abuse. In addition, the wire clamps in these devices allow stranded wire to be bundled without the need for cutting strands of wire. Flush receptacles are another product line under Locking Blade Devices that have a nylon cover and body that is tough enough to resist the effects of chemicals and impacts. They also have power contacts that are constructed with a double-wipe phosphor-bronze metal.

Leviton’s V-O-Max Locking Flush Receptacle locking blade devices carry a V-O Flammability Rating under UL 94, which is the highest rating available for Industrial Locking Flush Receptacle material. A mounting strap made of nickel-plated brass with a thickness of .050 inches makes these products ideal for applications that are consistently subjected to higher levels of abuse. On the products’ faces, a voltage rating is included along with convenient color coding in order to make the identification process easier.

NON-NEMA Product Features
Those locking blade devices that are under the Non-NEMA category, which Leviton calls their Black and White line, include locking plugs, locking connectors, flanged inlets, flanged outlets, and locking flush receptacles. All of the products within these categories are constructed with nylon bodies of various strengths that are intended to provide excellent resistance against chemicals and impacts. Plugs and connectors feature a neon green bulb that provide up to 30,000 hours or three-and-a-half years of service life, as well as power indication. Locking flanged inlets and outlets have a rugged nylon flange that is made to fit flush within applications. Their chamfered wire wells with deep funneling are also intended for easily guiding each wire into rectangular chambers. In addition, these products’ wire clamps allow positive locking of crimps without the necessity for wire strands to be cut.