With lampholders from Leviton that are suited for all kinds of lighting sources, OneStopBuy carries a full stock of products that are compatible with CFL fixtures, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting. Medium base and speciy sized devices are available, as well as porcelain, mogul-base, and high-intensity-lamp-related devices.

Two of the more popular lines related to energy savings, LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor and Compact Fluorescent Ceiling, provide their own unique benefits in terms of improving efficiency and simplifying the day-to-day operation of lighting loads and sources. These Leviton products meet a number of requirements and standards related the NFPA 70, NEC Section 410.16, and others.

CFL and LED Ceiling Solutions
One major category of these products, CFL Ceiling Lampholders, is available through OneStopBuy as a fitting replacement for typical incandescent lighting fixtures. Compact Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholders conform to standards like NFPA 70 and the requirements of NEC Section 410.16. They are also specially constructed to help in minimizing the risk of fire from lighting being placed in closets. In addition, they are widely used in other household areas like basements, garages, attics, and utility rooms. These devices are offered in versions that include wall switches, pull chains, and occupancy sensor technology. Another related device from Leviton is their LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor Lampholders, which allow for automatic on and off control of lighting. Because of their utilization of energy-wise LEDs, they also meet the same NPFA and NEC standards as CFL Ceiling products.

Durable Usage and Simpler Installation
Keyless Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholders are resistant to impact because of its thermoplastic body material. Also optional is a guard for lamps that is made from polycarbonate. These lamp guards’ installation process is improved as a result of thread-cutting screws. The pigtail leads of these keyless bi-pin CFL lampholders increase the ease of device installation. Their boxes also feature knockout holes that allow for various types of configurations.

In addition to this, with a pull chain provided for turning lamps on and off, there is no necessity for any kind of wall switch with these products. Keyless Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholder devices are made for a lamp output of 900 lumens, with a lamp color of 2700 K and an average life of 10,000 hours. These products include a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Leviton’s Latest Bi-Pin Twist-Lock Devices
For additional options in this category, Leviton also offers its newer line of GU-24 Series bi-pin twist-lock devices suited for both commercial and residential applications. With one configuration that is universal in scope, these remain a reliable solution for various integrated-ballast CFL lamps, regardless of their wattage. These devices can also be used with luminaires.

With a construction that has been made in order to fulfill specific standards like ENERGY STAR and California Title 24, this lampholder variety is rated at 250 volts and 120 watts to work with standard GU-24 sized lamp wattages. Three types of mounting configurations are available with these devices so they can be matched with the appropriate mounting styles for medium base lamps. These three mounting styles include bracket mount, panel mount, and collar mount.