Dimmers and Fan Speed

As an authorized Leviton distributor with access to dozens of dimmer and fan speed control product categories, we carry a great deal of these items that make use of the latest technology and include modern, elegant design features. Leviton’s line of dimmer and fan speed products is made to accommodate many lighting loads, installation requirements, and aesthetic styles.

With contemporary designs, these devices consistently provide control of dimming and fan setups that is reliable and accurate with regard to specific configurations. Aside from offering products that can pair well alongside other Leviton dimmers and switches, both dimmers and fan speed controls are able to provide consumers and installers with a notable amount of energy saving potential.

Modern Style and Dependable Function
As a leader in electrical and home automation product solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial sectors, Leviton has produced a dimmer and fan speed control line with versatility and performance as top priorities. Aside from having multiple categories of Leviton dimmers, OneStopBuy carries related products from the company's Dimensions Lighting Controls line and other items including Humidity Sensor Switches, Power Extenders, and Timers.


One popular category of dimmer and fan speed controls is found in Leviton’s Vizia-RF Home Automation line. These products fit into standard wallboxes and are made to be a suitable replacement for existing controls or switches. Their fan speed control operation is quiet and features three distinct operational levels of low, medium, and high. With a sleek, modern construction that includes digital capabilities and integration with the company’s Z-Wave technology, these devices can truly bolster any energy and lighting automation system.

Equipped for Usage with Other Technology
With the latest Decora Digital Fan Speed Control device models, it is now possible to control fans through the use of Bluetooth technology on a smartphone or tablet. After downloading Leviton’s free app, users have the ability to manage fan speeds within a 30-foot range. In certain installations, this even can be done without the need for an internet connection, hub, or gateway.

Other Dimmer and Fan Speed Controls
Some other categories of dimmer and fan speed controls available from Leviton include Trimatron, SureSlide, IllumaTech, Toggle Slide, and Toggle Touch products.  The first, Trimatron, is known for providing quiet control with the use of a rotary dial. SureSlide, on the other hand, has a Decora designer body style in particular as well as a slide function, with versions that have either step and full-range control. The third product line, IllumaTech, includes both preset and non-preset dimmer models, as well as configurations with slide or rotary options. Finally, Toggle Touch controls include ON/OFF switching with preset capabilities, allowing for more fine-tuned adjustment of fan speeds and levels of lighting. This can often be a great option for those who would like to combine state-of-the-art technology with a more traditional and classic style of décor for homes or commercial applications.


Another major category of dimming devices is Renoir II architectural wallbox dimmers. These have high performance capabilities that cover a multitude of configurations and load types, as well as accommodating multiple location dimming (up to 5-way) and multi-gang setups. Non-neutral model types are also available for applications that require retrofitting of devices.