Decora Devices

Since 1973, one of the most characteristic lines from Leviton has been their Decora devices. This is their most comprehensive collection of switches, dimmers, occupancy sensors, GFCI and AFCI receptacles, programmable timers and humidity detectors, multimedia inserts, and related devices. Leviton has a wide variety of convenient, energy automation innovations and products rated for safety, with a number of attractive decorator color and style configurations that are suited for whatever environment you choose to install them in.

As a decades-old industry standard, the Leviton Decora line combines style and great performance. With programmable timer switches, for example, homeowners can have the ease and convenience of landscape and porch lighting that turns on while they are away from the house. For indoor applications, there are even more choices for maintaining safety and style. Multiple color combinations are available for all types of schemes and layouts, whether you want devices that complement or contrast with what you already have.

Leviton boasts more than 100 years of experience as a leading electrical manufacturer, providing lighting and automation devices designed to meet a variety of modern residential, commercial, and industrial needs. As with their other lines, Leviton’s Decora devices offer solutions for increased energy and time savings, safety enhancement, and an unmatched touch of style.


Saving Energy in Style
If you’re using any type of lighting in your home or workplace—CFL, LED, or incandescent—and haven’t yet started benefiting from occupancy and vacancy sensors, you should be aware that these products include a number of essential tools for the home and office environment. Because of their ability to be programmed to automatically turn lighting on and off when desired, they remain one of the smartest choices for the green conscious. The technology utilized by these sensors includes multi-sensing, passive infrared, and ultrasonic options, depending on the application and range of detection needed.


Similarly to Timers, Occupancy Sensors’ feature of reliable, automatic switching of lighting loads adds security and convenience to garages, living rooms, bathrooms, and other residential settings, as well as significantly reducing energy usage throughout the home over time.


Stylish Decora products also include switches, GFCIs, receptacles, which come in one-gang, multi-gang, and even combination versions. The manufacturer has made these with an attractive aesthetic and space-saving potential in mind. In addition, Sensor guide lights and tamper-resistant receptacles—among other application choices—are built to provide durability and versatility.


Full Warranty Support for Multiple Applications
As a standard in the electrical industry when it comes to rocker-style and other types of devices, Decora remains the hallmark line of Leviton Manufacturing. Decora’s distinctive look makes for range of products that add dashes of color, flair, and accents to any room of the house.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for devices suitable in industrial and commercial workplace environments, also carries Leviton’s line of Decora Plus products. Both collections of devices are constructed to meet or surpass the relevant UL, CSA and NOM testing standards for such products. In addition, as with all the other Leviton lines we carry, offers full support on Decora for the entire duration of these products’ warranted life.