Leviton Products

Leviton offers one of the most complete lines of Leviton Products in the market today. With over 25,000 items manufactured for the residential, commercial, industrial, and hospital markets, you will likely find the right electrical solution for your application. Starting from humble beginnings in 1906 manufacturing mantle tips for the gas lighting industry, Leviton now manufactures items for home automation, electric vehicles, high speed infrastructures, and Energy Wise Products, along with electrical backbone products like receptacles, switches, and plugs.  

OneStopBuy.com offers you complete access to the entire Leviton product line. Select the products you need by part number, product categories, and easy-to-use attribute selection. Unable to locate the products you need? We are here to help. During business hours of 8 to 5 ET Monday through Friday, you can use chat or call us at 1-877-633-5212; otherwise, you can reach out to us via email.

Leviton is a leading innovator that designs and manufactures products encompassing many areas of our lives. For the homeowner, there are solutions that distribute and control the power needed in modern homes, and many of these solutions are far more advanced than having just standard receptacles and switches. Smart occupancy sensors and intelligent home automation controls allow both self-monitored and remote capabilities that can be controlled right from your phone. With technology requirements on the rise, the entire backbone of a home network can be distributed with Leviton manufactured items.

In the commercial environment, there are similar devices to those used in the home that are made to withstand the higher traffic usage of offices and public facilities. There are also many devices designed to meet the technological advancements in areas like LED lighting control, electrical vehicle charging, daylight harvesting, high speed data infrastructures, and other applications that yield energy savings.

Heh care facilities and caregivers can benefit from the newest offering of antimicrobial treated switches and wall plates. Leviton’s line of Medical Grade Power Strips offers a complete family of solutions approved for use in NEC Article 517 areas by meeting all UL 1363A requirements. They are designed for easy attachment to medical carts and equipment. With access to an entire line of hospital grade ground fault circuit interrupters, receptacles, and wiring devices, you are covered for your electrical needs in these highly critical applications.

For decades, industrial customers have depended on the engineered quality and ruggedness of the Leviton device line. Electrical devices that are made from high-strength materials required for the harsh environments of manufacturing and production keep costs of downtime and maintenance to a minimum. Whether it be the tough Valox 357 shell and stainless steel hardware of the Pin and Sleeve devices or the watertight seal and protection of the Stanoprene TPV and electroless, nickel-coated brass of the Wetguard product offering, you are assured years of life with these outstanding products.