Belden Cable

Belden is the Best; Ask Our Competitors – Belden has been making the highest-quality wire and cable for over 100 years. When your competitors work tirelessly to make a comparable product that they try to sell as your equal, there is no better compliment. Regardless of the market – broadcast, security, automation, industrial signal, or power - the highest-quality, most dependable cable has the name Belden printed on the jacket. When you do an in-depth comparison, you will always find the competition falls short, whether it’s due to the quality of the materials, manufacturing tolerances, shielding, or engineered advantages. The difference is in the detail.

Unparalleled Access - provides you with direct access to the largest inventories in the United States, with an ability to locate the exact product you need quickly and affordably. We offer immediate access to over 650 of the most popular wire and cable types directly on our site. But we don’t stop there: we offer many of these items in cut lengths, making buying Belden wires from a great choice. If the particular cable you need is not listed on our site, no worries. We have direct access to the manufacturers’ and other strategic partners’ inventories, so if it is available, we will find it!

No-Hassle Pricing Includes Free Shipping - Need more incentive to purchase your Belden cables from us? How about Free Ground Shipping to any location in the Continental United States? Our Belden wire and cable prices include all ground freight, so you see the total cost upfront without the worry of expensive freight cost-adders. Looking for large amounts of product? Let us quote you the best possible price based on quantity and location. We can save you both time and money.

Selection Assistance - Not sure of the best product for your application? Let our knowledgeable technical support staff help you identify the best wire and cable solutions for your specific needs. We offer assistance through online chat, email, and directly by phone at 1-877-633-5212

The Belden Advantage

Breadth of Product Offering: Find the specific solution you desire from the vast offering of conductor, insulation, and shielding material configurations, in addition to various other engineered attributes such as high flexibility, temperature ratings, and flame resistance. Whether you need to accurately transmit signal and data or provide power to equipment, Belden has a product solution for you.

Quality Assurance: By utilizing state-of-the-art processes, Their ISO-certified manufacturing facilities ensure each product’s quality. Their engineered features and specifications are precisely controlled in manufacturing to provide perfect installation and product integrity.

Signal integrity: No one protects the signal integrity like Belden, who uses innovative shielding designs. Trademarked designs like Beldfoil and Duofoil provide superior electrostatic shielding, while adding strength, durability, and extra insulation. They have even improved the way the foil is wrapped with a shorting fold technique called Z-Fold, which actually protects multi-paired cables from having shield shorting issues. For a braided shield product, they offer the patented French Braid shield, which features a double spiral design with two spirals tied together in a single weave.

Brand Recognition: For over 100 years they have protected the brand name by offering solutions built with innovation, integrity and of the highest quality. They never compromised, why should you!