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Twist Lock Devices

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When you require devices that can endure industrial settings of the most severe sort, you don’t need to look any further than Leviton’s dedicated line of Twist Lock Devices. Their full offering includes industrial locking connectors, plugs, receptacles, flanged outlets, and flanged inlets, all of which are constructed with the highest of standards incorporated into their production. The materials utilized by the manufacturer ensure products that have dependable performance as well as flexibility in installations and across various applications.

Another major line of Leviton products included within the area of Twist Lock Devices is the brand’s V-O-Max Locking Flush Receptacles, which carry a flammability rating under the UL 94 V-O standard. This is the highest rating that can be given when it comes to materials used in the construction of industrial locking flush receptacles. Their mounting straps are made of nickel-plated brass that is thick enough to endure applications entailing higher levels of abuse. Because of contacts that have significant copper amounts and clamp-type terminals with nickel plating, these products have a remarkable degree of durability during use.

  • ML2-PB - Flanged Inlet Locking Blade MiniLock ML2P 15A 125V 2P3W Grounding - White
    15 Amp, 125 Volt, NEMA ML2P, 2P, 3W, Flanged Inlet Locking Receptacle,Industrial Grade, Grounding, MiniLock - White, UPC: 07847798720
  • ML3-PB - Flanged Inlet Locking Blade MiniLock ML3P 15A 125/250V 3P3W Non-Grounding - White
    15 Amp, 125/250 Volt, NEMA ML3P, 3P, 3W, Flanged Inlet Locking Receptacle,Industrial Grade, Non-Grounding, MiniLock - White, UPC: 07847798724
  • SS303 - Flanged Inlet Locking Blade Corrosion Resistant 30A 125V 2P3W Grounding - Stainless Steel
    30 Amp-125 Volt, 2-Pole, 3-Wire. Corrosion resistant power inlet with stainless steell enclosure.

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Differences Between NEMA and Non-NEMA Device Constructions
Twist Lock Devices from Leviton are available on our site with a multitude of configurations and ratings. With NEMA-rated Twist Lock Devices, for instance, there are 15 amp, 20 amp, and 30 amp varieties offered, all of which have their own benefits depending on the precise device type.

NEMA locking plugs and connectors are built with a nylon body that is tough enough to withstand all sorts of abuse including impacts and abrasion. Regular needs like gripping, pulling, and turning of the devices is made simpler because of an ergonomic and fluted design on their bodies. Leviton’s flanged Inlets and outlets are similar in their body construction, and they feature chamfered wire wells that have deep funnels and are intended to provide a clear path for every wire within inlets’ and outlets’ rectangular chambers. Their wire clamps also allow stranded wire to be gathered together without the need for cutting any strands.

Non-NEMA Twist Lock Devices range in amperage from 15 amps to 50 amps, and this line includes the same basic device types of plugs, connectors, flush receptacles, and flanged inlets and outlets.

Like their NEMA-rated counterparts, these Twist Lock Devices feature bodies made with materials that have superior resistance to the effects of impact, and they are prepared to guard internal components against chemicals and related elements that could endanger their integrity. In terms of flanged inlet and outlet items, the 50-amp products in particular include a flanged cup that is constructed of steel. This makes them ideal for applications in which the devices are likely to suffer significant levels of abuse. Non-NEMA flush receptacles include nylon bodies as well as a metal shroud.

Leviton’s Century-Long Legacy
For nearly 110 years, Leviton has been providing devices that enable business and various other types of consumers to supply power to electrical equipment with the highest standards of product efficiency and reliable protection in mind. The brand’s full featured line of industrial-grade items includes Twist Lock Devices among hundreds of others that carry amperage ratings of up to 1100 amps, and voltage ratings at a maximum of 1000 volts. Twist Lock Devices with ratings pertaining to watertight and dust-tight capabilities are also available from Leviton.