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Portable Outlet Boxes

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The Portable Outlet Boxes and Coverplate products made by Leviton are an essential part of the company’s temporary power solutions line. Intended for applications like industrial plants, processing plants, maintenance, construction sites, oil drilling and refinery locations, shipyards, and entertainment venues, these devices are made to consistently and reliably deliver power wherever it’s needed. Portable Outlet Boxes are built with thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV), a feature that allows them to have unmatched resistance to higher temperatures, chemicals, UV exposure, and other regular types of wear.

With a polycarbonate material, Lexan, that makes up the body construction of Coverplates - another product line in this series - these devices in particular are given even more resistance against impacts and their live is prolonged as a result. The Leviton coverplate varieties that include a flip-lid also provide added NEMA Type 3R protection for the times when devices aren’t in use.  

  • 3263W-Y - 2-Gang Single 1.60 Receptacle Flip Lid Coverplate - Yellow
    2 - 1.56" dia Single Receptacle Coverplate with Weather-Resistant Flip Lid YELLOW, UPC: 07847740992
  • 3263-Y - 2-Gang Single 1.60 Receptacle Coverplate - Yellow
    2-Gang 1.56" dia Single Receptacle Coverplate - Yellow, UPC: 07847740977
  • 3265-E - 2-Gang Blank Coverplate - Black
    Blank Coverplate - Black, UPC: 07847740968
  • 3265-Y - 2-Gang Blank Coverplate - Yellow
    Blank Coverplate - Yellow, UPC: 07847740950
  • 3300-2E - Pendant Style Portable Outlet Box Angled Depth - Black
    Portable Outlet Box, Two-Gang, Angled Depth, Pendant Style, Cable Diameter (0.590" - 1.000") - Black, UPC: 07847740905
  • 3300-2Y - Pendant Style Portable Outlet Box Angled Depth - Yellow
    Portable Outlet Box, Two-Gang, Angled Depth, Pendant Style, Cable Diameter (0.590" - 1.000") - Yellow, UPC: 07847740904

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When it comes to considering what sets Leviton’s portable outlet box devices apart from other devices in the company’s catalog, the first notable feature that makes them a suitable product for multiple electrical applications is their non-metallic construction. This is useful is maintaining continuous protection against the threat of electrical shock. In addition, because various types of cable diameters need to be accommodated, the devices in this line have a strain relief with infinite adjust options and bushing that is liquid-tight. They are made to be capable of accepting diameters of cable ranging from 0.230 to 1.000 inches.

Ultimately, portable electric outlet boxes are excellent choices for constructions that require portable power pendants and temporary power stringers that are compliant with NEC and OSHA standards. For even more dependability, stainless steel wire mesh grip devices are offered for strain relief purposes. Portable Outlet Boxes are also built to be used in conjunction with standard strap mounts as well as single, duplex, or GFCI receptacles rated from 15 Amps to 30 Amps.

These devices are available through in both single and two-gang sizes, with the option of a feed-thru style or a pendant style. There are choices of standard depth devices and ones with a greater depth (extra deep). In addition, they can be bought in two different color configurations depending on the specific requirements of the application. The yellow-colored option is best for achieving high levels of visibility in more industrial and commercial-oriented settings, while black-colored coverplate devices are an excellent choice for purposes related to entertainment applications.

The coverplates in this line of devices are known for having spring-loaded flip lids made of a heavy duty, stainless steel material for standard applications and other types demanding weather resistance. While not in use, Leviton coverplates offer protection in accordance with NEMA Type 3R standards. Aside from having color choices available in either black (which is the standard option) or yellow (a second option meant for greater visibility levels), there is also the option of getting these products with mounting holes as an important way of ensuring a better fit during and after installation.