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Cheetah Speed Devices
Buy Cheetah Speed System Devices Now - - Authorized Leviton Distributor

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Leviton Cheetah Speed System

The patented Cheetah Speed System™ enables electrical devices, switches, receptacles, and wall plates to be installed without screws using a revolutionary speed anchor and snap & lock system, researched and developed with and by electricians. The Cheetah Speed System™ increases the speed of installation by up to 40% - 50%, and at the same time, offers the elegance, style, and designer look of screw-less wall plates, at a very affordable price.

Cheetah Speed Boxes (1 - 4 gang boxes) are made from high strength polycarbonate composites with specially designed speed anchor slots. Each slot has teeth molded to receive Cheetah Speed Anchors. Each anchor has been certified to withstand 50 lbs. pull tests. As the speed anchor is pushed into the speed anchor slot, the teeth on the box and speed anchor enage in a zip-tie fashion to securely hold the anchor.
Cheetah devices (switches, receptacles, dimmers, GFCI, etc.) are pre-assembled with Cheetah Speed Anchors fastened with standard 6/32 screw (for easy removal or adjustment after installation). After you wire the Cheetah speed device (backstab or side wire terminals), just push it in! The Cheetah Speed Anchors zip-tie into the patented Cheetah Speed outlet boxes - always centered and flush with the wall - requiring no screws for installation or finish!
After the device is pushed (zip-tie) into the box, the Cheetah device is flush to the wall. Each Cheetah device has 4 holes which the Cheetah screw-less wallplates simply snap into, flush with the wall. Cheetah matte finish wallplates are made from unbreakable polycarbonate. Each wallplate has eight (8) tabs to ensure a tight snug fit always flush with wall.
Want to know a little more about how the Cheetah Speed System installs? Find all your answers before purchasing with these instructional videos.
With their exclusive partnership, Cheetah and Leviton have combined a 40% labor saving system with world class electrical products - delivering speed with quality and innovation. Look at what others are saying!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much more expensive are the Cheetah Speed System products?
In Florida, an electrical contractor compared Cheetah to the least expensive wall boxes, devices, and wall plates in that market. The “total home” cost of Cheetah screwless wall plates, devices and boxes were approx. $22.50 more for the entire home. The electrician was able to trim the house out in less than 1 hour as compared to 4 hours using traditional devices. He saved product costs in less than 15 minutes.
Q: If I install the Cheetah Speed System boxes, can I use standard screw devices?
Yes, just insert the speed anchors and screw everything in! The speed anchors “zip-tie” into the Cheetah Speed Boxes to turn the box into a standard non-metallic outlet box. Visit www.cheetahspeed.com to watch how this is done.
Q: How do I remove a device once it is inserted?
The speed anchors are fastened to a device using standard 6/32 screws (used on all electrical devices). Just unscrew the device. The speed anchors stay in the box (turning the box into a standard outlet box). You can either screw in a standard device, or using a screwdriver, punch the speed anchors through the teeth in the box and insert a new Cheetah-enabled device (with speed anchor pre-assembled). Visit www.cheetahspeed.com to watch how this is done.
Q: How strong are the speed anchors once they are inserted into the box?
The speed anchors have been tested to withstand a 50 lb. pull test per anchor. The UL standard requires only a 25 lb pull test. The Speed Anchor teeth are one-directional to allow the anchor to “zip-tie” into the box, but not come out. To remove a speed anchor, simply punch (with a screwdriver) the speed anchor past the teeth and let it fall into the back of the wall.
Q: What types of materials are used for the Cheetah Speed System products?
The Cheetah Speed Boxes are made from high strength polycarbonate (PC), unlike less expensive ABS or PV C competitors. Electricians notice the quality and difference immediately. All Cheetah Boxes are 2 hour Fire Rated for common wall installations. Cheetah devices and wall plates are made from durable, impact resistant polycarbonate. All products are tested and listed to UL standards through OSHA National Testing Laboratories.
Q: What happens if drywall mud gets in the speed anchor slots?
No worries, just use a screw driver to punch the mud through the slot. Easy to do and is actually faster than cleaning out standard screw boxes. Don’t worry about hurting the teeth. If you notice a lot of mud in the boxes, fire the drywall crew!

Buy Cheetah Speed System Devices Now - - Authorized Leviton Distributor

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